10 Places That Prove Earth is a Seriously Weird Place

November 29, 2018

1. The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

According to legend, the Irish giant Fionn was challenged to a fight by the Scottish giant Benandonner and built the causeway so the two could fight.

The causeway was formed 50 to 60 million years ago from cooling lava which caused contraction. The cooling lava caused cracks similar to the way mud dries. As pieces slowly fell away, what remained is the pillar-like structures that exist today. In total there are about 40,000 individual hexagonal columns that form stepping stones out of the sea up to the base of the coastal cliffs.

Today, the Giant’s Causeway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination. Access is free to the public,  so next time you find yourself in Northern Ireland, be sure to go walk amongst the legendary columns.