30 Most Underrated National Parks in the World

October 17, 2018

30) Ruaha, Tanzania

Ruaha (20,00 visitors a year) is often slept on because of the draw of Serengeti (350,000). At 7,800 square miles, Ruaha is as almost as large as New Jersey. This wonderland provides big game, more prominent views without the big crowds. You can fall asleep to the calls and roars of lions; 10 percent of Africa’s lion population lives in Ruaha (for reference, Africa is 11.73 million square miles). In Ruaha National Park, you can witness wild dogs roam and herds of buffalo that roll 500 deep.    

29) Guadalupe Mountains, Texas

The Guadalupe Mountains in Texas only welcomes 145,670 visitors a year. The Guadalupe Mountains offers over 80 miles of hiking trails, from easy to hard, this is a hiking paradise. The park is so desolate; you cannot find a restaurant, gas station or overnight lodging businesses within at least 35 miles from the park.