Need a knife, but all you have is a roll of aluminum foil? Don’t worry, here’s how to forge one!

The basic procedure is to apply mechanical pressure to shape the blade, and heat it to alter its properties. The heat makes the metal flow so that you can compress it into a new shape, which it then holds better after cooling. Aluminum is a highly malleable metal, as you may have noticed from how easily you can bend aluminum foil. However, this also means that the edge will dull quickly, one reason why you don’t see a lot of aluminum knives at the store.

These steps are based on a Japenese YouTuber. A link to the video is included at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

1. Gather Supplies.

2. Gradually pull out the foil, rolling it into a new wad outside of its box. The wad should be quite hefty, about half a roll. Rip off the wad for future use. (0:21)

3. Remove the remaining roll of aluminum foil from the box. This will become your knife. (0:22)